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Challenge 14: Dreams


Is it me you are looking for?

Wait before I continue to sing some Lionel Richie, I thought I would say hello.

Oh dang my writers' block fierce.

But before I head to bed to my dreams, I would like to finally add a new prompt.


What kind of dreams? Choose for yourself? It could be wants, it could be a story actually based on a dream you had, it could be a story about our boys having a dream.

Extra Kudos?

Factor in one of these Dreams facts from Dream Moods!

Summer Breakout

Title: Summer Breakout
Challenge: 13— Summer Changes
Genre: Character musing
Rating: K
Characters/Fandom: Show: Huey, Dewey, and Louie / Disney
Spoilers/Warnings: Some vague references to my Disney Duck Series
Word Count: 100

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More Additions

Yay! Thank you to robina1984  for inspiring a bunch of changes!

I added her suggestions of brother from the Mighty Ducks Animated series to the list. (If any one wants the movie... I am game for that too, let me know, lol)

Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series: Wildwing and Nosedive and Nosedive and Grin

I also went ahead and added Ducktales and Darkwing Duck entries: Huey, Dewey and Louie, and Darkwing and Launchpad

And as I mentioned to eightiswild a few days ago two set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine brothers, one pair biological, one not. Quark and Rom / Nog and Jake.

Now I actually have to write something... right?

Keep up with the great stuff!

-Stef ;-)

Challenge 1- Anger Clouds the Mind

First off, I want to apologize to greenleofiend, because I was supposed to post this back when I bugged her about a prompt. Real life decided to play havoc with me first. Bleh.

Second, is there anyway we could add Wildwing and Nosedive from Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series to the list of brothers? And, if possible, Nosedive and Grin to the list of brothers not actually related? If either or both of these don't fit, that's fine. I wrote a drabble for Wildwing and Nosedive and then realized they weren't on the list. Heh.

And finally, here's the fic. Enjoy! I'll be posting more, but must get some sleep now. Why must fics take so long to copy from notebook to computer? Guess it doesn't help I messed up the word count...
Edit because whiteowlmiki pointed out I had the wrong ep name. Thanks!
Title: Anger Clouds the Mind
Challenge: 1: Beginnings, EK: include two references to actual canon events
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Characters/Fandom: Raph, Leo/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Spoilers/Warnings:Some filler eps of the 2k3 series ( “The Lesson” and “Tales of Leo”
Notes: Well, all that fighting had to start somewhere, right?

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Challenge 13--Three Hours Late

Title: Three Hours Late
Challenge: 13: Summer Changes
Genre: hurt/comfort
Rating: K+
Characters/Fandom: Burn Notice: Michael, Sam
Spoilers/Warnings: 3x01

Summary: After everything they’d been through Sam felt entitled to be a little over protective.

Word Count: 200

Notes: Finally back in the saddle!



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Par request from the amazing moogsthewriter we are adding some new brothers to the mix!

Star Trek: Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Chekov, Scottie, Bones and Spock Prime

As well as

Leverage: Nate, Hardison and Eliot

Have fun!


Challenge: 13: Summer and Changes

Well, I got an  IM from robina1984 asking about the latest props.

And I must admit we have been slacking just a bit as we battled our evil muses.

Well, Robina suggested Changes. And I thought it might work!

But I believe mixed with Summer it might be really something.

Combo Prompt: Summer is filled with changes.

School ends. For those that graduate that Spring it brings even more change with new beginnings and people holding on nearly to old beginnings.

Like that song Closing time.

So what is Challenge number 13?  I am making this a Double Prompt.  Get your writing juices going. Write one or both, write the combo. It's up to you.

Kudos goes to

Putting in a movie quote for a summer breakout movie. Come it be this year or a previous year.

Double Kudos goes to

Anyone that can wrap in a life lesson learned from the change.


Challenge 12!

Challenge 11 was so fun! Thanks to our lovely participants!

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New Challenge!

Challenge 12: Poetry

Maybe one of the brothers has a secret love of the finer arts, maybe they say something poetic...or says something so far from poetry the other brother teases him.

Extra Kuddos: Quote a lesser known poet!

Challenge 11--Something More

Title: Something More
Challenge: 11: Blood
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort
Rating: T
Characters/Fandom: Heroes, Gabriel, Peter
Spoilers/Warnings: Season 3, season 4

Summary: There is a part of Sylar he can’t understand…

Word Count: 100


Title: My brother’s blood
Challenge: 11—Blood

Genre: Angst
Rating: T
Characters/Fandom: Heroes: Nathan and Peter
Spoilers/Warnings:  Through Volume 1: Chapter 19

Word count: 200

Three weeks ago it was the blood that captured me


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