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Summer Breakout

Title: Summer Breakout
Challenge: 13— Summer Changes
Genre: Character musing
Rating: K
Characters/Fandom: Show: Huey, Dewey, and Louie / Disney
Spoilers/Warnings: Some vague references to my Disney Duck Series
Word Count: 100

School was ending and everyone was going their separate ways.  Louie :a summer internship, Dewey :his band.

Huey? He was going to stay in town, or over in St. Canard to see Gosalyn.

Years ago he and his brothers would play in the wadding pool at Uncle Donald, or during the years at Uncle Scrooges, the in ground pool.

They would play water polo, Marco Polo, or just splash around.  That is until Mrs. Beakley would come out rolling pin on hand demanding for the three of them to stop “horsing around”.

Summer was great.

But was change was not.